Mermaid Days

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This is a picture of me from when I lived in Hawaii.

Today, I look out my window at another cold and rainy Pacific Northwest day. This has been like the rainiest winter in history up here. Even though the first day of Spring was officially yesterday (yay!), the weather pays no heed up here. It still looks and feels like winter – and I am over winter already.

After living in Hawaii for almost ten years, my husband Josh and I moved out here because we thought it would be better to raise our kids here – that there is more to offer them here. We have lived in Washington state for almost three years and we have weighed the two against each other and have come to a realization that there is no one place that is better to raise our kids. Where we belong is where it is best to raise our kids. The islands are like a part of us. The ocean is the closest thing to heaven on earth I have ever experienced. Josh surfs and is eager to teach our kids. I swim like a mermaid.

And so, we return to Hawaii soon (hallelujah).

I have learned so much through this journey, though. Josh and I have grown much closer – and we have grown so close as a family with our kids. The specific bond between us resulting from this adventure could not have been built any other way.

And the Pacific Northwest is a truly beautiful place. The mountains, the Sound, the pure air, the abundant water – the list goes on. It rocks up here.

Also on this journey I discovered my sensitivity to gluten, which has been life-changing. I understand my body more than I ever have, AND I learned how to make soup, and have since created some amazing recipes, which I will continue to share.

I will also post soon about the fiction books I published based on my mermaid days of living in Hawaii.

These pictures are of me on a boat in the ocean, setting out on a mermaid adventure. It has been a while since I have had a mermaid day, and I can’t wait to have another.

For now, we continue to hope for spring, even though we can’t see it yet. We focus on getting the kids though the last months of the school year – go kids! And I do yoga to light an inner fire to warm these CD days.Maybe I will go make a soup now. Wishing you a good first week of spring!

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